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Tiles are Pavini's signature product. However, we also manufacture and supply other complementary products such as Stucco plaster, Stucco paint and Grano Screed. These are  classical European materials with centuries, if not millennia of tried and tested application.


The Italians took the various techniques of applying Stucco all over Europe after the  Renaissance. The history and centuries-long use and trust is a remarkable indicator that this material is reliable. Stucco is fire-resistant and also resistant to wind and rain that damage the exterior walls.


Stucco also allows extra insulation and is low maintenance. Pavini Stucco is not a painted "cosmetic" application – it's the real thing, as was used in France and Italy by  decorators to create that shimmering effect which cannot otherwise be obtained.


Pavini Stucco is supplied in powder form to be mixed with clean water. The Pavini  Stucco can be closely matched to the colour of your choice – we currently stock over 25 standard colours. It can be applied using one or two colours, the blending (mottling) of each is dependent on the desired effect.

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