Pavini Concrete Designs is the décor and design division of Pavini Handcrafted Tiles. This new offering from Pavini follows the latest trends, highlighting concrete as a first-choice product for wall and floor coverings as well as a surface material for countertop and furniture design. This division has also added an artistic outlet for our team where concrete is viewed as a creative canvas.


The United States concrete industry is at the forefront of concrete designs with items like concrete countertops, stamped concrete, stained concrete or handcrafted items. Other trending products are Mexican or Moroccan acoustic tiles. These are great for feature walls, splash backs or anywhere that calls for some colour.  Used in conjunction with a well planned and executed design, these products turn any room into a unique space. Be it residential or office space, both indoors and outdoors.


Trends in South Africa are also focusing on décor pieces sourced from sustainable and local producers. Pavini Concrete Designs uses concrete, wood and steel to create the different ranges it has to offer, as well as once-off bespoke pieces for the discerning creative. We source all wood from sustainable forestry suppliers and we can upcycle old pieces of material and give them a new lease on life.


The industrial theme has made concrete countertops very popular in recent times. Whether it be a restaurant, shop, home kitchen and bathroom or outdoor entertaining area, concrete countertops are a contemporary alternative to traditional options. The clean industrial lines of the steel and the rawness of the concrete complement one another perfectly.  The same can be said for wood and concrete, where the softer natural feel of the wood and hard feel of concrete work as a ‘Yin & Yang’.  We therefore offer a range of tables of different designs and sizes for our clients.


Pavini Concrete Designs proudly applies their hands-on approach with all products, from concept through to design and into fabrication. Quality control ensures that the design is completed on time, on budget and to the customers’ requirements. Designs are done in-house as well as in collaboration with designers on some new products. We can mix concrete with other raw materials like pigments, glass, pebbles and coloured aggregates, to create a work of art  specific to the individual’s needs. Manufacturing is done at our factory by skilled artisans with years of experience in concrete.

Furniture Offering:

Pavini Concrete Designs Furniture Range:


Pavini Concrete Designs has launched a range of contemporary furniture using Steel + Concrete and Wood + Concrete.


The range will be available in standard sizes. You will be able to design the finish you are looking for with regards to:

• Concrete colour

• Concrete finish

• Powder coated base structures

• Wooden base structures

Outdoor Art Offering:

Pavini Concrete Designs Outdoor Art Range:


Pavini Concrete Designs has launched an outdoor art range. This is an image that is printed onto one of our handmade concrete tiles. The tile can either be applied to a wall permanently using tile glue or inserted into a frame which is then mounted to surface. The picture will brighten up any outdoor space or living area where clients may be reluctant to hang traditional paintings or prints due to weather factors. Customers are able to supply Pavini Concrete Designs with the image they want printed along with once-off images and prints created in collaboration with well-known photographers.


The range will include:

• Splash backs

• Art images

• Photographic images



Pavini Concrete Designs will also work with designers and collaborate on once-off design pieces, whether it be an item of furniture or décor or anything your creative mind conceives.

Our design team are in a position to help fabricate that unique item of furniture you have always desired.

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