Pavini's Elevated Insulating and Drainage Tile is an innovative tile that is both functional and decorative with the desirable practical aspects of essential drainage features and insulating properties. These precast micron-concrete flat tiles have  been designed to minimize heat transfer to the underlying slab, allow for rain water runoff, avoid unsightly puddles and protect the waterproofing on flat concrete roofs  against ultraviolet rays. It also offers an ideal drainage layer for roof-top planting.


A temperature differential of ± 16% (as tested by the SABS) is obtained between the top of the tile and 10mm cavity underneath. Rainwater is dispersed through  innovative design of the cavities underneath and in-between the tiles.


Size:               400x400x20mm

Weight:          44kgs/m² (7kgs each)

Available in 28 standard colours

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