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1.  Samson

2.  De Haas

3.  Dove Grey

4.  Kudu Grey

5.  Sombre Grey

6.  Behr Grey


7.  Ivorio

8.  Burnt Ivorio

9.  Rose

10.  Sandstone

11.  Cotswold

12.  Savannah

13.  Biscotto

14.  BSY

15.  Gandini

16.  Light Terracotta

17.  Medium Terracotta

18.  Dark Terracotta


19. Sienna

20.  Venda

21.  Wilson

22.  Yellowwood

23.  Straw

24.  Makasa



25.  Taurus Red

26.  Tulbach

27.  Titian Red

28.  Mirage


For large projects such as residential developments and commercial installations we are able to design and manufacture custom made tiles and patterns in bespoke colours.


Consultants will work closely with architects, builders and developers.


Proud Pavini commercial projects include:


Palace of the Lost City

Gold Reef City

Emperors Palace

Jan Smuts Airport

Holiday Inns

Hunters Rest

Mirage Hotel, Dubai

Makasa Sun Hotel, Victoria Falls


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