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Exquisite concrete tiles directly from our factory to you.


Pavini Concrete Tiles have been the handcrafted tiles of choice in the South African market for over 30 years.  These elegant yet enduring tiles transform the spaces they fill. Every batch is made to order and each  tile is expertly crafted. Pavini combines the skills and know-how of the Italian family, Lupini, who  brought both the art and the science of concrete to bear on the South African market almost 100 years ago.


There are few floors that can compare in quality with the handcrafted floors by Pavini. Let every part of your décor make a statement. Complete your living space with a durable floor from Pavini Concrete Tiles.

Zap Lupini, Pavini’s founder, has now joined forces with fresh, youthful new blood, resulting in decades of experience coming together to bring these timeless tiles to a broader market.


Old  school  values,  contemporary  styling  and  quality,  coupled  with  an  unparalleled  customer experience, make Pavini a discerning choice.

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Exquisite concrete tiles directly from our factory to you.